50 lb. Citric Acid Powder pH Adjuster / Brewery Cleaner - 26-CAP-FS50 by Fivestar

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Quick Overview

  • Optimal Quality Control: Maximizes the uniformity and quality of your brew, ensuring superior beer every time.
  • Dual Functionality: Works both as a pH adjuster, effectively lowering mash pH, and as a cleaner for soft metals like copper and aluminum.
  • Flavor Integrity: Minimal impact on the beer's overall flavor, making it an ideal choice for brewing applications.
  • Large-scale Storage: Provided in a bulk 50 lb. container, perfect for large brewing operations and long-term storage.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for brewing operations of all sizes, from small home breweries to large-scale commercial setups.

Product Overview

Maximize the quality and uniformity of your brew with the Five Star Chemicals 26-CAP-FS50 Citric Acid Powder pH Adjuster/Brewery Cleaner. Packaged in a substantial 50 lb. container, this product serves as an essential tool for both pH adjustment and effective cleaning of soft metals such as copper and aluminum. It's a valuable asset for any brewing setup, ensuring optimal operations and superior beer quality.

Citric acid is highly favored in brewing applications due to its minimal impact on the beer's overall flavor profile. Its dual functionality of lowering the mash pH as needed and cleaning metal surfaces makes it exceptionally versatile and indispensable.

The bulk 50 lb. container is ideal for large-scale storage, designed for longevity when stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, safeguarded from moisture. Whether you run a small home brewery or a large-scale commercial operation, this product guarantees a brewing experience of superior quality and consistency!

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