Ferrari 48 Seat Stationary Bottle Tree

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Quick Overview

Product Overview

This bottle tree holds 48 bottles. A bottle tree is a convenient way to store your beer bottles and bottle your beer or wine. Rinse the bottles out well after use and store upside down on the bottle tree where they remain clean. When you want to bottle, use a sanitizing solution, such as Star San or SaniClean, to sanitize your bottles. Wait 1 minute and bottle. You can also do the sanitizing ahead of time and let the bottles air dry upside down. Consider adding the matching sanitizer injector below for a complete bottling package. The injector sits atop the bottle tree and makes sanitizing a breeze!

What we at Keg Factory like about this particular bottle tree is how each section screws together. In most bottle trees the sections are a flush fit which results in a little bit of give or sway when the whole unit is assembled. This bottle tree model is rock solid and feels very secure.

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