Blueberry Hard Cider Kit Pro by Demon Brewing Company - Conical Fermenter Eliminates Sediment and Makes Wicked-Good Home Made Cider - 2 gallon hard cider kit

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Quick Overview

  • 🍺 CONSISTENT RESULTS - Unlike those expensive 1 gallon kits, our 2 gallon recipes take just minutes to prepare and the results are scary-good! Don't be fooled by competitors messy, time consuming kits that use a jug or bucket. Our patented pro-style conical fermenter and easy-to-use recipes, produce a wicked-good result every time you brew.
  • 🍺 NEW ZEALAND RECIPE - BrewDemon's hard cider taste amazing, grown in the fertile orchards of New Zealand, only the finest quality apples are chosen at the height of ripeness. This package includes our Forbidden Fruit Blueberry Hard Cider recipe kit - which is a dry, crisp and refreshing cider with a mild blueberry finish.
  • 🍺 FOCUS ON YOUR RECIPE - While most hard cider kits make you focus on the brewing process, our cider can be brewed in as little as 15 minutes on the stove - leaving you time and energy to focus on adding that extra apple, honey, or whatever YOUR secret ingredient may be.
  • 🍺 BOTTLES INCLUDED - The only 2 gallon kit to include 1 quart bottles and a bottle filling valve. No need to siphon from your fermenter to the bottles. Just turn the valve and fill your bottles.
  • 🍺 Enjoy the best tasting home made hard cider from your kitchen - only with BrewDemon.

Product Overview

craft beer, Home brew, beer making kit, 2 gallon conical fermenter


Kit Includes

  • (1) Clear Conical Fermenter
  • (1) Fermenter Base
  • (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
  • (1) Bubbler Upgrade (Airlock, #2 rubber stopper, lid gasket)
  • (1) Stick-on Temperature Gauge
  • (1) Blueberry Hard Cider Recipe (5.5% ABV)
  • (2) Packets of Dry Hard Cider Brewing Yeast
  • (1) Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser
  • (8) Plastic Amber 1 Liter Bottles & Reusable Caps
  • (8) Custom Bottle Labels
  • (1) Bottle Filler & Hose
  • (1) Heat Tolerant Plastic Mixing Spoon
  • (1) Easy to Follow Brewing Instructions.


While the pioneers were waiting for their apple trees to grow, they made fruit wines (anything to avoid drinking the water). When they finally had apples our forefathers started the American tradition of making Hard Cider. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Hard Cider Kit Pro.

Included in this kit is our most popular Hard Apple Cider Recipe, Forbidden Fruit (no snake required) as well as a can of Oregon Fruit which works wonderfully well with the cider to produce an exciting and delicious beverage. It’s a dry, crisp and refreshing recipe with an ABV of around 5.5%.

Caution: You may want to keep it all for yourself and not tell your friends.

The equipment package not only features our revolutionary clear, conical fermenter, but a range of brewing tools which clearly show you’re a pro. Add to this a set of logoed bottles and caps and you’re set to brew the best.

This Hard Cider Kit is the gift for the pro (or the wannabe!)

Brewing Note

This recipe requires a blender. Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your cider including the blender.

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