WiFi Keg Sensor Management System

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Quick Overview

  • PLAATO KEG is the first all-in-one system that keeps a track of important aspects of your kegs
  • MEASURES how much is left in your kegs, the volume of each poor and detects leaks
  • WIFI-CONNECTED. Get access to the fermentation straight on your phone from wherever you are. Share with as many accounts you want.
  • CONTROL. Always be in control of how much beer you have so that you can focus on enjoying your beer.
  • SHARE with friends. Connect as many users to your devices as you want.

Product Overview

Know How Much You Have
The new Plaato Keg knows exactly how much beer is left in all of your kegs. Highly accurate load-cells keep track of the good stuff, and yes, the beer’s gravity is accounted for in the calculations.

See How Much You Pour
Plaato Keg shows you pouring in real-time, and notifies you whenever a beer is being poured from your keg.

Get Notified When Your Thermostat Goes Wild
With the built-in temperature sensor and WiFi-connection, you can remotely monitor your kegerator. By enabling push-notifications, you will get notified is something is wrong, such as an opened door or a thermostat running wild.

Built-in Leak Detection
Get notification in the app if liquid is detected. Plaato Keg is internet-connected, so you will get the notification wherever you are.

Fully waterproof enclosure ensures operation even in the toughest of environments.

Connect All Your Kegs
Add an unlimited number of kegs to the same account.

Industry Standard Accuracy
High-quality, full-bridge load-cells makes the PLAATO Keg highly accurate, even on the smallest pours (and on the bigger ones).

Share Access to Your Inventory
Keep your friends included and grant them access to your account, so they can remind you to brew another batch when you’re running low. (Even though that might be annoying.)

Plug & Play Setup
Once you start kegging, there’s no going back! We know the drill. You start out happy enough to have a single keg, then suddenly you find yourself with seven kegs. That is why Plaato Keg was designed to be easy to install.

Get Full Control
Batch-specific details, real-time measurements and kegerator dashboard. The free PLAATO-app lets you have all your kegs in the same place. Each keg has its own dashboard, letting you type in batch-specific data, including Last Pour Size, Batch Name, Kegging Date, OG & FG. The app automatically calculates ABV% and the volume of beer in the keg based on the Final Gravity, and you can choose between Metric or US Customary units.

CO2 Mode
Enable CO2-mode in the Plaato-app, and turn one of your keg devices into your CO2 tank monitor, checking the remaining level of gas in real-time. Use it to have control over the remaining level of CO2 to make sure you have enough for the upcoming brew day, or use it to detect a CO2-leak from your system.


  • Super Slim and Sleek Design
  • Keg Volume: 0-14 Gal / 0-60 L
  • Resolution: 0.33 oz / 10 ml
  • Update Frequency: 10 hz
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Free iOS and Andriod app
  • USB-powered (cable included)
  • 3x High-quality full-bridge load cells
  • Impact resistent polycarbonate body
  • Waterproof


  • Keg Volume Measurement
  • Last Pour Size
  • Ambeint temperature measurements
  • CO2-tank mode
  • Historical data
  • Optional User Input: beer type, kegging date, OG & FG, ABV%
  • Real time push notifications

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