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Product Overview

With FTSs Pro Touch, we continue to revolutionize precision temperature control for commercial breweries. We knew the tremendous capabilities of our in-house developed Pro Screens would provide the perfect platform for the next generation of modular FTSs Pro controllers and allow us to bring even more features to the fingertips of pro brewers.

The 3.5" touchscreen is the perfect balance of compact design and functionality. The display allows for large, high-contrast temperature data that is visible at a glance from across the brewery. Similar to the previous generation of FTSs Pro controllers, we included an easy-to-use Crash mode that allows the cellar staff to crash cool a tank to a pre-programmed temp without having to dial in a new temperature every time. In addition, we added temperature presets for both Fermentation and Crash modes so that brewers can set up and program the unit with a single touch.

In today’s breweries, fermentation data is playing an even more crucial part in managing fermentations. We added exportable data downloads using the FTSs Pro Touch's USB port, which can then be dropped into a spreadsheet to display highly detailed graphing of temperature data points that occurred during a fermentation cycle.

Firmware updates can now be made simply by using the FTSs Pro Touch's USB port, which we can use to unlock new functionality, further improve temperature delta, or adapt the system to new products. Simply put, the FTSs Pro Touch is designed to grow with your brewery.

Cooling options for Ss Branded Glycol Chillers 

Cooling options for Pressurized Glycol Loops on Commercial Chillers 

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